Eye Power

This is an bilingual version of my first book of poetry, Ögats Kraft, translated by Agneta Falk and Jack Hirschman and published by CC. Marimbo Books, Berkley USA. The book can be bought directly from me for 100 SEK + postageby sending a mail to hp@hakanpettersson.net.
Read foreword by Jack Hirschman
Translated by Agneta Falk

Who am I?

In the morning when I look at myself in the mirror, the blue eyes look back at me wondering, who are you? And I look back at them, wondering, who am I?

I was born in 1964. It was then I got my impairment, which has been faithful to me, all my life. It was a ruff entrance so when the doctors looked at me they just shook their heads and said:
-“There is not much hope, but his dick is alright!”
I grew up in my parents care and my childhood was probably “normal” even if my impairment gave some kind of outsider hood.
When I was a teenager I found the power of literature and started to write. Slowly I began to find the “language” I have today.

How do I do it?
I write using my nose touching a board that is uplifted to reach me sitting in my wheelchair. It takes me 90 minutes to write one A4 so in other words – I wouldn’t be a good secretary. And it is best I really think about what I want to write so I don’t have to rewrite it. My nose has lost some skin over the years when I, like a woodpecker, peck poetry on my special board.
With my nose I also sniff up the new and interesting technologies that I can use in my work. I have, for instance, started a homepage that I update every month with poetry, book reviews and other stuff. I also created a cartoon called “Cp-Råttan” together with an animator. Cp-Rat is a hard guy, who fights against life with unconventional methods. To help him, he has an assistant called “Oxen”.
I am grateful for modern technology. With it, I also make postcards where I let my poetry meet different views of Stockholm.
Just a few years ago it would not have been possible for me to make a website, Cp-Råttan or postcards. But today you can do anything with a nose and a computer.
So who am I?


This is for those of you who never loose the courage
the power to stand straight.
For you my hero
who gets up at five,
after morning
to count travellers in the subway.
For you
I betrayed
and left
at the bar

I write for you who still stands
For you
my humblebee
who loves me


The boy at the stairs
staring confused
at people passing by

Doesn’t know
which way
he came
or which way
leads home.

The chin trembles
when life takes me by.
Further on
to the next step


Two television-sets
in a dark room.
different channels
all night
“Morning news”



Speaks for a moment
with success.
I saw the betrayal in her words
all along.
I wanted to believe
believe, believe.
She stands up
and walks away.
And I, as usual
still here
with my dry Martini.



Cloudcold day
with arguing
nothing at all
gets job undone.
The old wound
opens up
and hurts
when the football team
gets beaten.
Never comes the night.



Wake up
it’s spring!

My sleepy eyes
meets your sunshine

I cuddle up against you.
It’s a few months left.
The humblebee buzz
helps me
find your
summer breast.
Smiles satisfied
falls a sleep.